Meta Monday: Spending Money On Each Other

Does Kakashi, or Iruka spend the most money on the other; and which of them buys the best gifts?

I think Kakashi would spend more on Iruka. He has a habit of impulse buying when he sees something that he thinks Iruka would like, especially when he’s out on missions in other countries; and he pays for more dates (mainly because he won’t let Iruka pay, no matter how much he tries to).

Iruka would be more frugal with his money, because he’s had moments in life where he’s had to really budget, and every dollar counts; so he doesn’t feel comfortable regularly spending it. But when he does, he’ll go all out when it comes to spoiling Kakashi.

As for who buys the best gifts, I think they’re both very attentive of the other’s interests, their hobbies, etc., and always give each other the perfect gifts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What do you think?


I think Kakashi would definitely be the one to spend the most on iruka as I don’t see him spending it on anything or anyone else except for necessary items like food and weapons and what not.

I think iruka like you said would be more frugal with it however instead of going all out I think he would 100 percent make Kakashi a gift make him something like mugs with dog prints on them, stitched leg /arm warmers, his favorite meals so on and so forth. They probably wouldn’t be very well made but Kakashi would love everything because he knows just how much work iruka into it.

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Ooh, yes! Iruka would definitely give Kakashi handmade gifts! He would go all out making the perfect gift for him, and would be really excited about it; and because he wants it to be a surprise, he would try his best to hide the fact that he’s working on something, but Kakashi always knows.

He doesn’t miss the sparkle in Iruka’s eyes when he says that he ‘just has to finish marking some essays/ preparing a lesson plan, and then I’ll be all yours’ before sneaking off to the study; he doesn’t miss the way Iruka’s hair is sparkling with glitter when he returns from his ‘extra shift at the mission desk’; nor does he miss when Iruka returns from ‘picking up groceries’ without actually bringing any goods home, and that it’s the third time that week he’s disappeared to do it.

So Kakashi knows; but he pretends not to, because he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. That, and while he absolutely loves the handmade gifts he receives, one of his favourite parts about getting them is seeing Iruka in the process of making them. His happiness and excitement is a gift, itself :heart:

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This gave me cavities and honestly I’m freaking here for it!! Like yes to all of this!

Because of who I am I’m adding adopted Naruto into the mix and just imagine Naruto and iruka both trying to hide the gift their making for Kakashi, as you said Kakashi knowing but letting them keep it a secret, and when Naruto gives him the gift with the largest cutest puppy dog eyes asking if he likes it, Kakashi saying in the utmost serious voice “I don’t like it…I love it and I’ll treasure it forever” or something to that effect and Narutoknocka him over in an aggressive hug and iruka not wanting to be left out lies on top of them creating a dog pile and because why not the 8 ninken join in as well because can’t have a dog like without dogs I guess :joy: