Meta Monday: Ramen-Eating Contest

If Kakashi and Iruka were competing in a ramen-eating contest against each other, who would win?

I think Iruka would win XD

Kakashi would be very confident in himself, though. He’s done so many challenges in his lifetime, can beat Gai, who is impossible for any other person to beat, and knows the best ways to prepare in advance for an eating challenge; so why wouldn’t he win?

However, he has never seen how fast Iruka can scoff a meal when he’s starving. On top of that, Iruka is also accustomed to eating fast because of how busy his days get, especially on days when he has to work at the mission desk after teaching at the academy.

His speed eating means he can get so much food in before his stomach has the time to process it and stop him; and he has a technique that gets rid of nausea (which he teaches his students to use when they’re feeling sick), so when he does get full, he can go a little further than the average person.

Too bad Kakashi doesn’t know this trick, too – he just might have stood a chance :wink:

What do you think?


I think it would depend on the type of contest.

If it’s just : “whoever eats the most ramen wins” Then Iruka would definitely win. But if it’s “whoever eats the most ramen in ten minutes wins” I think it would be Kakashi, because even though Iruka would probably eat fast too, Kakashi would eat even faster for that reason: he learned to eat extremely fast so he could quickly pull up his mask! :rofl:


That’s actually a really good point! Kakashi would definitely have the upper hand in a speed-eating challenge, now that I think about it.
But what about a longer timed challenge where they had, say, an hour or something to eat the most ramen? Do you think those matches would be more even? On one hand, Kakashi’s got his speed, but would get full faster because of it and would probably feel too sick to continue at the end; and on the other, Iruka isn’t as fast, but can keep eating and has time to catch up to Kakashi :thinking:


In a longer challenge?

I’m sure Iruka would win, of course! But… I have a funny idea.
We know that Kakashi loses a lot of chakra when he uses his Sharingan. And I can imagine that you probably get hungry when you lose chakra, and maybe you need to eat to make (I don’t know the correct verb in English) chakra… Do you understand what I mean? :sweat_smile:

But if the Sharingan is banned, yes, of course, Iruka wins. Plus, we know Kakashi likes light food. And ramen isn’t, so you’re probably right, he’d get sick.


Ohh, I get what you’re saying! You’re suggesting Kakashi activates his sharingan to waste chakra and lose energy throughout the contest, so that he has to eat more to get his energy back and replenish his chakra! What a sneaky, sneaky move - I love it! hehe :joy:

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