Meta Monday: Pro-Sports Career

Hello all! Mod @kaoruhana here! :wave:
Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Now that things have calmed a bit irl (knocking on wood), I’m able to pitch in again with the Meta Mondays! @kakairu-shrine has done a great job helping me out in my absence, so thank you to her!

And with all that said, it’s time for more Meta Monday!!! This month, as a reminder, we have a few changes to Meta Monday.
1. First, the theme these next few weeks football (soccer) in honor of World Cup 2022! :soccer: Mod Kaoruhana is a big football fan so she can’t help herself.
2. Second, Meta Mondays will now be bi-weekly. We think, and hope it’ll foster more creativity in the forum as you’ll now have more time to share your headcanons about a certain topic. Do let us know what you think though. While we mods may think it’s a good idea, you all may have different ideas, and we’re always open to suggestions!

And with that said, here we go with the next Question: Who would make sports, like football (soccer), a career?

To me the answer to this is Kakashi. I love Iruka, and I have so much faith in his abilities and strength. BUT, I can’t not see Iruka as a teacher to little Naruto. I can’t imagine Iruka without the entire “he is Naruto’s teacher” aspect. Iruka must teach Naruto. That is a huge thing for me. So, this means, of course, that Kakashi must always be sacrificed as the character who will have to fill in whatever roles, such as football (soccer) player, police officer, firefighter, soldier, etc.

But that’s what I think.

What about you all?


I think it could be Iruka. He starts off pro, then retires home to teach and/or coach. I’m not sure that it would be soccer for Iruka through. I think it might be something more niche.


Hey, Iruka is a soccer coach while Kakashi is a club manager? I’m so in for this! Seeing barely 18-year-olds in the World Cup kind of gives me ideas that Naruto and Sasuke can be gifted strikers under Iruka’s careful supervision. This could be a fun AU! Also, a forbidden relationship between the manager and the head coach mmmmmm delicious!