Meta Monday: Paying for Dates

Who pays for the date?

I think that Iruka has every intention of paying, or at least splitting the bill on something expensive, but Kakashi never lets him, and is always paying when he’s not looking & stuff – he wants to take care of his man!

Iruka gets frustrated that he’s not even allowed to pay for coffee, so when he asks Kakashi out on dates, he always pays the restaurant, buys tickets, etc. in advance. That is, if their date isn’t an impulsive decision!

I also think sometimes when they make bets with each other, sometimes the loser has to pay for their next date; and when it comes time for that date, both of them use it as an excuse to take the other out somewhere nice - Iruka, especially, since he doesn’t usually get to pay for the more expensive dates :heart:

What are your thoughts?


Ok I love this concept because I want Yamato to find out and get pissed that kakashi is paying for food! Haha. And naruto finds out too and is like “baka-sensei paid!!??” And Irukas confused? Or he knows and is like “I’m working on getting him to pay less for me and more for others” :joy: but kakashi’s like “if it isn’t for iruka I’m not a bank!!” Hahahaha. I dunno. Iruka has to be special in my brain. So he gets paid for and no one else does!!!


Yes!! omg what if before they started dating, Iruka learnt about how notorious Kakashi is for not paying for other people, and sometimes convincing them to pay for him, too; so when they have Ichiraku together for the first time (I see it more as they didn’t know the other was there, and just decided to keep each other company, as opposed to something that was organised), Iruka is like “Oh, great. I bet Kakashi is gonna try and make me pay for him, too…”

But when they finish up, and he’s expecting the inevitable, Kakashi whips out his own wallet and pays for both of them, refusing to let him contribute. Iruka is pleasantly surprised, because it’s the exact opposite of what Naruto complains about all the time; and he begins to wonder if Naruto’s been fibbing… That is, until he sees Kakashi & Team Seven finishing up a post-training meal, and leaves the bill to his team.

Iruka scolded Kakashi that day, and made him pay for everyone’s food; and from that day on, he never left his bill for someone else again… but he still won’t pay others’ bills! Unless maybe if he’s trying to impress Iruka XD (But only if it’s like, just Naruto, if the three of them are eating together; and not all the time - his money is for Iruka only, after all) :joy:


Es que me siento en el cielo al leer estos headcanons. Y sí, Kakashi gastaría hasta lo que no tiene con tal de que Iruka bebé no gaste nada.


Sí! Iruka es un hombre muy afortunado :heart:

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