Meta Monday: Night Owl or Early Bird?

Are Kakashi & Iruka night owls, or early birds?

I think of Kakashi as a night owl. He has an appreciation of the stillness and ambience of the evening; and he often stays up late reading in bed (and watching Iruka sleep beside him). He’s not very keen on getting up early, but he will when he wants to pay his respects at the memorial stone.

As for Iruka, I see him as an early bird. Even if he wakes up groggy, his mind is very quick to wake; and being a workaholic, it doesn’t take him very long to get motivated to start his day. But since being with Kakashi, he’s learnt to slow down a bit, and start his days a bit later, because someone is very good at convincing him to stay in bed & cuddle. Not that he needs much persuasion, though… :wink:

What do you think?

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I think of Iruka as a morning person, most of the early bird type people I’ve met have a lot of positive energy and this sunny personality Iruka has.
Kakashi would be more of a night owl, but I picture him having trouble to sleep too many hours on a go, and not being too fond of staying in bed after he’s awake. I guess Kakashi only sleeps like six hours at night but then he often takes naps during the day, especially if he’s recovering between missions. He just has a very irregular sleep schedule because of all his missions and his hard ANBU days.


I would have to agree with you there - Kakashi would definitely have an irregular sleep schedule because of missions! And I would say you’re right about him not wanting to stay in bed after waking - the way he lives, it’s probably ingrained into him that there’s always something to do so he can’t just lie around; but I think that every now & again he will stay there, just to spend a little more time with a certain someone :heart:


i would say iruka is only an early bird due to the many years of getting up early to teach, otherwise, that man LOVES to sleep in. the days he has off from the mission desk and teaching, you can’t pull him out of bed before 10am. and kakashi happily snuggles in next to him, even if he’s awake, he’ll just sit there reading with iruka cuddled up next to him (probably drooling).

kakashi is 100% a night owl in my head and will stay up until dawn (without realising it)… which is … definitely not something i relate to in any way, shape, or form… pfft. i am NOT kakashi. … >.>… <.< … >.>

i agree with dunloth though, too - his sleep schedule would be whack because of missions and ANBU. that man sleeps when he can.