Meta Monday: Music Volume

Who listens to music the loudest? :headphones: :musical_note: :notes:

I think it would depend on how they’re listening. I can see Kakashi blasting music through earphones when listening on his own, and essentially using the sound to drown out the world around him. But if he was playing it through a stereo, he’d leave it at a more respectable level – loud enough for him to hear around the house, but not so loud that all the neighbours will hear, too.

Iruka, on the other hand, would crank the sound up on a stereo so he can dance around the house while he does chores, and stuff; and if Kakashi is around, he doesn’t think too much of the volume – having it loud is Iruka’s thing, and he loves that it’s something that makes him happy. Though in saying that, he does miss being able to hear Iruka’s voice properly when he sings along to and belts out his favourite songs, so sometimes he’ll sneakily lower the volume a little just to hear him better :wink:

What do you think?

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Definitely Iruka. He fills the street with his favourite tunes while cleaning, doing laundry, workout and so on. He plays classic music for background noises while grading. And jazz when he feels frisky :smirk:
Kakashi is more of an audio books type imo. But not Icha Icha, thats his visual pleasure. For training, he listens to science themed non-fiction and biographical works, especially biographies of famous fellow Shinobies, help him deal with sleeping problems.


That’s an interesting idea for Kakashi! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I could see him listening to audio books and such as he gets older, though I still imagine that when he’s younger, at least, he would listen to loud emo, punk, rock music, like the angsty teenager that he is :joy:


Riiiiiight, he appears so put together its easy to forget that he has issues :joy: Now I have this image in my mind, of him slouching through the streets of Konoha, seemingly bored and not impressed with the world around him and his hidden air pods blast Smells like teen spirit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I really enjoy both your headcanons here, but let me share a different direction. Since Iruka works with loud kids all day at the Academy, I’m thinking he enjoys quiet time and does in fact not listen to music as much. If he does, it is sometimes on the weekends and it would be calm stuff (I can totally see him blasting loudly too so I’ll make it an AU headcanon :joy:). Kakashi on the other hand I can totally see using loud music to shut off or shut out anything that he needs to just shut out~ which goes well with punk and rock and metal!

EDIT slightly off topic but speaking of punk I have seen punk AU fanart of Kakashi on tumblr I think. I need to go on a search!


That’s a good thought! I never really considered that with Iruka, but I can definitely see it. After a long day, or week with noisy kids, the last thing he’ll want is more noise piercing into his head!

Also, I love punk Kakashi! I’m a little embarrassed of this now, since I’ve improved with my art, but I actually made a punk Kakashi in a Pokemon AU a while ago :eyes: I think I’ve made him punk in a couple of other things, too, but I don’t really want to bring attention to them since they’re even older works :sweat_smile: Maybe that means it’s time to make another punk Kakashi :eyes: