Meta Monday: Most likely to struggle with Technology?

Another Monday, another meta Discussion! This month, the Meta Monday theme will be focused on Modern AU!

This week’s question is: Who is most likely to struggle with Technology?

Honestly, this could go either way, and I have read fics where either of them is the one bad with technology. In this particular instance though, I think it’s going to have to be Kakashi. Something about Kakashi makes me think he prefers the old fashioned stuff, or living with as minimal technological interference as possible. This means that he struggles with learning how to navigate all the apps on a smartphone and abhors social media.

Iruka on the other hand, I think would be very tech savvy, onto the latest trends and gadgets, etc. He’d be there for Kakashi when the other man struggles and would begrudgingly help him with whatever tech issues he has. Sometimes, it might even be whatever tech issues he doesn’t have but that he makes up as an excuse to have a certain someone visit.

But that’s my thoughts/ What do y’all think though?

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