Meta Monday: Locked Out Of The House

Is Kakashi, or Iruka the one who accidentally lock themselves out of the house the most?

I think that Iruka would be the one to lock himself out the most accidentally, especially when he’s slept in and has to rush to get to work on time; but Kakashi is the one who gets locked out the most, because he just straight up doesn’t care – he knows that Iruka will let him in, or that he can just break in through a window or something, so remembering the keys isn’t really that important to him…

Except when Iruka is fed up with having to let him in despite the fact he has his own keys, or fed up with finding fingerprints and other marks on and around the windows all the time, and ends up setting traps and seals all around the house and locks him out for a bit to teach him a lesson. Kakashi never seems to learn, no matter how many times Iruka has had to do this; but as frustrating as it is, Iruka does take great satisfaction in knowing that even Kakashi can’t break through his seals XD


I am rolling! I agree with your assessment! Iruka would totally just forget his keys in a rush out the door because dammit Kakashi you can’t turn off the alarm and not make sure I’m awake!

Or he gets way laid by a particularly handsy jounin while trying to get ready.

Kakashi, on the other hand, realises he doesn’t have his keys and just shrugs. If he doesn’t break in (which he has done and will do, but it’s so much work undoing Iruka’s traps and seals, and he really doesn’t want to be fluorescent green again) he’ll just sit outside the apartment (or on the roof) and wait for Iruka. Or if he knows it’ll be awhile, he’ll go steal Iruka’s keys (and maybe a quick kiss). Iruka’s pre-genin have become accustomed to Hatake Kakashi slinking in through the window (sometimes door) and trying to take Iruka’s keys without him knowing. Iruka always uses it as an opportunity for a lesson in detecting other shinobi.


this is such a funny idea, I guess Iruka would be the one who forgets the keys but Kakashi would just never even use his keys, he would just break into everywhere (even his own home) thats the ridiculous kind of thing I imagine he would do (and if eventually Iruka gets really mad at this and set seals to mess with Kakashi? that’s a price he is willing to pay)


@badger I love that idea about Kakashi going to steal Iruka’s keys! And Iruka’s preparation XD

Also, what if the reason he sits on the tree outside Iruka’s classroom isn’t to spy on him anymore, like he did before they started dating; but because he’s locked out of the house and he’s either gathering intel before he steals the keys, waiting for lunch so he can ask for them, or is just reading there because class has nearly ended for the day and they can go home together? :eyes:

“Kakashi! What are you doing here?”
“Just wanted to say hi!” OR “Thought it might be nice to walk home together!”
“… You’re locked out of the house again, aren’t you?” -_-

@rocketpunchhh Kakashi just likes to live his life in Hard mode XD And in Hard mode, keys don’t get you in the house anymore - Iruka is the key to getting inside :joy: And if Iruka is mad & not letting him in, well that’s just he Hard mode equivalent of a key getting jammed in the lock, or trying the wrong one XD

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LMAO yes, I love the idea of that being why he sits in the tree. Ah, I love that we’ve collectively decided that Kakashi just sits in a tree watching Iruka while he teaches in a mostly not creepy way, lmao.


Well, I mean, how else was he supposed to deal with his crush on him? It’s not like he can get to know him & ask him out like a normal person! XD

Plus, the idea of him sitting in a tree just to watch Iruka teach is so in line with canon, and something I see mentioned so much, that sometimes I begin to question whether it’s just something we, as a fandom, decided ourselves, or whether it actually happened at one point :joy:

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