Meta Monday: Liking Weird Food Combinations

Does Kakashi, or Iruka like the weirdest food combinations?

I think Kakashi would like them more, but Iruka would be the one to make them, either accidentally, or because he wants to prank Kakashi.

When he makes weird food combinations by accident, it’s usually because he’s trying to figure out what he can cook with the very few ingredients he has in the kitchen; and not really knowing much about cooking, ends up concocting something that just doesn’t taste nice to him, or is edible, but not as good as he thought it would be. Kakashi will smell or see it and ask if he can have some, but Iruka doesn’t want him to eat something that bad and will say no; but Kakashi will try some anyway, and more often than not, says he likes the combination.

When Iruka is trying to prank Kakashi, he gets creative with the combinations, trying out things that he thinks will taste bad, but visually passes off as nice, and smells good; and when he’s satisfied, he hands it to the unsuspecting Kakashi, trying to act natural. But then Kakashi eats it like he was just given food from a restaurant, sometimes commenting about how nice it is; and Iruka’s expression gives him away. He is horrified that Kakashi likes something so gross.

What are your thoughts?