Meta Monday: How do Iruka and Kakashi deal with their differences in showing their emotions?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion. As is the case with the past few months, we are once again doing a theme for this Month’s Meta Mondays. This month, the Meta Monday theme will be Differences!

By differences, I mean, each topic this month will focus on what are likely differences between Iruka and Kakashi, and what if any steps they take to understand the other’s differing opinion or view on something. That said, this month’s Meta Mondays might be long, and I hope I get to see a lot of headcanons!

This week’s question is: How do Iruka and Kakashi deal with their differences in showing their emotions?

I think it takes a lot of adjustment for them to reach any kind of understanding when it comes to their emotions. By that I mean, there’s a huge adjustment period when they come to get to know each other, and later when they go into a relationship. There’s lots of miscommunication too because both can’t understand the other’s views.

For Iruka, his emotions always seem to be the guiding factor in his relationships, his actions, his words. So, he usually acts before he thinks things through. He also is more physical with expressing his emotions, and I think when he and Kakashi first get together, it’s really hard for Kakashi because Iruka is so many different emotions, and he can’t keep up. Iruka does realize to some extent how he is, but he doesn’t see the point of changing things.

Kakashi on the other hand is very private about his emotions and when he does show them, its because he is going through a very intense moment. For example, grief or shock. Perhaps even happiness or sadness if the action causing them touches him. It’s so very different from Iruka. I think at first, it would cause a lot of friction in their relationship because Kakashi is so unused to the emotions, and it grates at Kakashi’s nerves because how can one person feel and show so many different things and not be able to calm down?

I think over time they’d figure it out. Kakashi would accept Iruka just showed his emotions a lot more. And Iruka would understand that Kakashi isn’t the same and sometimes need a bit of space from Iruka’s displays.

But what do you all think?