Meta Monday: Green Thumb, or Brown Thumb?

Who is the green thumb, and who accidentally ends up killing every plant they touch?

I think it depends entirely on the plant. Iruka can keep low maintenance plants alive, because he only has to water them, and doesn’t even have to do it that frequently, which works out well for his lifestyle; but give him something high maintenance, and he might manage to get it to grow, but it’ll either look sad, won’t bloom, or have a super stunted growth. He tries his best to look after it – puts it in the best soil he can, fertilises it, leaves it in the conditions its happiest in, etc.; but no matter what he does, it still won’t grow properly.

It frustrates him so much because Kakashi’s plants always seem to flourish, and he barely puts any effort into them – how the hell does that work?! Iruka has asked him countless times what his secret is, and why his plants always look so happy; but no matter how many times he’s asked, he won’t tell…

And that’s because he doesn’t actually know how to look after the plant properly – he’s been secretly getting Tenzou to keep his plants healthy the whole time! :joy: (So he probably wouldn’t be able to keep them happy, either XD) I wonder how Iruka would react if/ when he found out… :thinking:

What do you think?

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that’s so hilarious! kakashi is like mmm yes you just have to rattles off tips he sharingan memorised off a generic how to garden like an absolute pro book and iruka is like okay i’m trying to do what you say but it’s not working out!!! and it works because iruka is too busy to actually follow all the generic tips to the letter, or there’s some different cause they’re not seeing but what would kakashi know?

meanwhile tenzou is like senpai pls… if these plants could speak they would be BEGGING you to let them die… and kakashi is like come on tenzou preserving plant life is of the utmost importance (to my efforts at getting iruka to come over for weekly plant sessions)

i wonder how would this blow up in kakashi’s face :rofl: i think iruka would be like probably a little pissed at the whole thing because he really was trying to keep those plants alive but he also grew fond of the chats he would have with kakashi outside of plants and their upkeep… so. maybe kakashi has to make it up to him somehow. maybe by talking about his actual hobbies instead of a fake one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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lmao! I bet the only reason Kakashi read the gardening book in the first place was just so he could keep up with his lie, and impress Iruka with his gardening knowledge! XD And also bc the more he ‘knows’, the more Iruka will come to him for answers, rather than research it, himself, which means Kakashi gets to spend even more time with him - perfect logic! :wink:

I think you’re absolutely right, there! Iruka would definitely be pissed off at him, and probably wouldn’t want to talk to him for a while bc if it was a legitimate hobby for him, and something he really cared about, he’d probably feel kinda stupid not seeing it before, not researching it for himself, thinks that Kakashi did it to tease him, etc. and Kakashi would have to do something big to make it up to him.

And then when they make up, Iruka makes him look after his plants, himself (or gets him to buy one for him to look after, while Tenzou still keeps his garden healthy); and he will get the satisfaction of knowing just how badly Kakashi really is at keeping a plant alive XD

Also, sorry for the late response. I got carried away with event stuff, and forgot to reply!

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