Meta Monday: Football Positions

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she’s unable to post the Meta Mondays for a bit, so I’m sharing her posts on her behalf! :lovebomb:

It’s November!!! And it’s time for more Meta Monday!!! This month, we have 2 things to tell you.

  1. The theme these next few weeks is football (soccer) in honor of World Cup 2022 :soccer: Mod Kaoruhana is a big football fan so she can’t help herself!
  2. Meta Mondays will now be bi-weekly. We think, and hope it’ll foster more creativity in the forum. Do let us know what you think though. While we mods may think it’s a good idea, you all may have different ideas.

And now with all that said, let’s go forward with the first football themed Meta Monday question:

What position would Iruka and Kakashi have on a football (soccer) team?

Iruka: He’s gonna be the goalie. It just fits for me. I think he’d be great in the role. I think he has great reflexes from all his pranking days, and he manages a record number of clean sheets. Goalies also often see the entire pitch and are great at strategy. I can definitely see Iruka working on turning the tide during a game by seeing it in real time and taking necessary action. Goalies are also leaders of a sort and a good commanding presence, and I definitely think Iruka has that.

Kakashi: Kakashi would be a forward for sure who, in his later years, becomes one of the best fullbacks ever seen. He has agility, speed, and I think the perfect execution needed to put the ball in the net. His speed can get him past defenders as well which his team utilizes very well. He also finds all the tiny holes in the opposing side’s defense cause…he’s just that good.