Meta Monday: Favourite Thing About Halloween

What is Kakashi & Iruka’s favourite thing about Halloween?

I think Iruka enjoys all the activities - dressing up, handing out treats, playing pranks, etc.; but I think what really makes it worth it for him is seeing how happy all the kids around him are, and watching them enjoying themselves :heart:

As for Kakashi, I think he really takes a kick out of spooking people, but his favourite moments are any that he spends with Iruka - even if he does walk into one of his traps & ends up covered in glitter. Okay, maybe not covered in glitter; but the dyed hair was tolerable… Ish… Or not.
Why did he like to spend time with Iruka on Halloween, again? :sweat_smile:

What do you think?


I swear you are telepathic because I feel exactly the same! He definitely enjoys letting slightly loose from the strict academy reputation he has to maintain, but definitely the kids come first! I wonder how he handles Naruto’s first Halloween though…

I have the idea that maybe Naruto dressed up as a mummy because toilet paper is prolly cheaper than anything else he has on hand, except some neighborhood bullies maybe idk pushes him into a puddle on the way to the Academy… so there goes the costume… and when he gets to the Academy unfortunately half-naked Iruka is like that’s not decent, you can’t wear that!! And then gets the story. And… rigs up a costume for Naruto real quick, after he gets Naruto a suitable shirt.

Maybe rips off half his cape and puts it on Naruto, chops a bit of a branch off a tree with his mad ninja skills (ie. a kunai) and is like there. Don’t you dare go throwing that branch around.

And Naruto is like, what is this??? I don’t wanna be something lame.

Then Iruka says, you’re a vampire hunter obviously! and, here he tears open a packet of ketchup and like spurts it onto his shirt, you can tell everyone you hunted me.

Naruto acts all annoyed but secretly he’s estatic. He still keeps the torn cape and the branch.

Man, I did not expect to come up with cute Naruto and Iruka fluff, my love for them is stronk today.

As for Kakashi, I bet he’ll like to tell scary stories and act unaffected about it. Maybe Team 7 gets the bright idea to do the 100 candles ghost stories telling thing (Naruto wants to do it, Sasuke secretly wants to do it, Sakura goes along bc of her then-crush on Sasuke) and then they invite Kakashi. And Iruka gets pulled along, because obv reasons. His stories tend to be kinda bland at the beginning, to lull them into a sense of security.

Imagine the lowest effort story ever, like, a girl walked down the road and then it opened up beneath her because it was a sandpit that wasn’t filled. and she stayed there for an hour before she got rescued. Shit like that. And Sasuke is scoffing, Naruto is like THAT’S LAME, and Sakura is like yeah, Kaka-sensei, that wasn’t even scary! Put more effort into it! And Iruka is like, I don’t know, I’d be pretty scared if a sandpit opened up under me. And Naruto interjecs, BUT WE’RE NINJAS.

and then near the middle he’s like, oh i got another one, and they think it’s another lame one, except he gets a slightly creepy story like a boy who wandered in the woods but could only get out by running away from the voices, a pair of siblings who had to wander the corridors of their school because the exit had disappeared. And it ramps up, until even Iruka feels chills down his spine.

Yeah, I think Kakashi would be enough of a troll to do that.

Meanwhile, Iruka is scaring the rest of them with ghost stories about the academy. And about the hokage tower. And maybe one or two about disgruntled chuunins who died because they received bad paperwork.

Hey, who said he had to be subtle? :smiley:

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AHH I really love this idea!!! Iruka totally would destroy his own costume just to make Naruto another one! And that’s even cuter because it’s not just “here, I made you another costume” - Iruka decided to make him & Naruto match! I wish we could use Umino Hour emojis here bc I really want to use the sparkle one where Iruka is gazing lovingly in the distance

The scary story idea is great, but what if the real Kakashi & Iruka were hidden in a tree or something, and the kids were listening to scary stories from shadow clones; and the real ones make their own special effects :smiling_imp: Or if they made the special effects later!!

After story time, they’re walking back to the village (because obviously you tell spooky stories in a forest), each of them feeling different levels of discomfort & fear; and the trio are up ahead, eager to get home (but only because “My parents don’t want me out too late”, “I have training tomorrow morning”, “I’m hungry & want some ramen”, and not because they’re scared of some silly stories - no way, absolutely not because they’re scared!).

Kakashi & Iruka are trailing behind, enjoying the evening walk together; or so the trio think…
“Hey, watch where you walk, or a sandpit might open up!” Iruka says. The trio laugh at him bc that’s the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard. “Nice try, Sensei, but we’re not two!”

And then Kakashi secretly uses an earth jutsu that makes the ground go soft beneath someone’s feet; and echoing across the forest is a bloodcurdling scream… Or three :wink: