Looking for mods!

What it says on the tin, we’re looking for mods :grin:

It was really unfortunate that we had to put the trope tournament on a hiatus, but at that time both artsies and I were incredibly busy. The schedule is prolly relaxed some (at least for me) but we’d like to conduct events without putting it on a standstill in the future.

So, if you think you’re up to any of the following:

  1. Trying your hand at organising / preparing events (or suggesting some for the future, event)
  2. Designing banners or creating artwork for events
  3. Being friendly to users
  4. Checking if artsies is actually a dog-bot

Then sign right up! We’re looking forward to any applications!

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I’d apply but got my hands full with 2 zines, server events, and open events. Did you want to post this in the server as there may be some folks who are interested. I currently have 2 people “interning” under me for event planning and running right now, so perhaps they’d be interested? :heart:

hahaha i’d ask you but i knew you were running a LOT of things, you busy thing, you. I’ll go post up in the server, that’s a great idea. thanks!

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