Hardest things to write/draw?

What do you find the hardest thing to write or draw about Kakashi or Iruka, or their relationship?

Oh god that’s a tough one because I tend to be super critical of my stuff.

Drawing: Everything lol. I’m just so bad at everything but I keep trying.

Writing: Making them seem like real people, with real interactions. I really struggle (at least I think I do) with it. I always find it easier to write when there is a kernel of truth in the tale which means I consider like 95% of my stuff borderline trash.

Ohh so many things! I’m not a writer so I will focus on my drawings.

Everything is hard tbh lol but hands are just evil… (and lets not talk about backgrounds and perpective because that’s just depressing xD), but hands, to me, are the hardest thing to draw!

Oh god yes hands are a nightmare. Actually everything you just said is true lol.


The main things that I always seems to mess up/ take forever to get right are:

  • Open mouths, especially side view
  • Kissing angles
  • Fingers, especially thumbs
  • Correct jawline*

*I drew my icon image, and had so much trouble getting Kakashi’s face outline right. No joke, the more I tried to fix him up, the more he looked like Obito w/ Kakashi hair :sweat_smile: I never did get the bottom of his face how I wanted to, but at least you can’t tell with his lightning hiding it!

And in the latest thing I’m working on, I’ve been trying to get Iruka’s height right, but I keep on getting either dwarf, or slenderman when I outline his legs, and haven’t quite found equilibrium yet lol


I feel like I’m pretty good at writing most things – I can tackle trauma, mental health, cute stuff, personalities, and all that with ease; but when it comes to anything smutty, I’m actually not very confident at all.

And I have to admit the first time I wrote an actual sex scene, I got so embarrassed that I was literally hiding my face in my hands, giggling as I continuously asked myself “Oh god, did I really just write that? And post it for others to read?” :sweat_smile: :laughing: I don’t think it was written too badly, but it still embarrassed the hell out of me lol


You had to mention the sex scenes lol. I currently feel so old as I had to go see when I actually published my first smut fic.

-Buries face in arms-

I remember being so embarrassed publishing my first one but people were really supportive so I got over it (mostly).

@kakairu-shrine Omg yes! All of those are so hard TT esp the kissing… ughhh.

@LadySmaell I remember the first fic I wrote… An awful PWP Kakashi/Iruka/Itachi threesome that was just HORRIBLE. I’ve only drawn a couple of pictures and everytime I look at them I get a mini heart attack. I find at least +500 anatomy errors and I just Want To Die lmaoo

For drawing it’s gotta be getting their body types just right, at least for how I headcanon their differences in shape. Like making sure Kakashi has muscle, but is lean and kinda gangly; whereas Iruka is thicker in the thighs (dem thighs lkajfslaskf :heart_eyes:) and has broader shoulders, but he tapers out at the waist. That’s how I I like to think of them, and how I like to draw them, but actually making that HAPPEN IN ART is ridiculously difficult for me most of the time :sob:

For writing it’s all about balancing them being romantic and eloquent with each other, and expressing their feelings, without making it TOO MUCH, ya know? I love a good emotional scene and romantic moment, but it’s a tightrope walk to create either of those and still keep it mostly in character.

I’m not an artist, not by a long shot, but I can def relate to the hands thing. What are fingers if not weird sausages? lol

@Narutav Gosh, yes, you put my struggle into words! Most of the time, I feel like Kakashi should be a lot colder than I write him, and yet… yet I want to do romance, goddammit. :sob:

@LadySmaell @annie @kakairu-shrine I have never posted graphic sex scenes, because I can’t even write them without feeling like I’m committing the murder of the English language and all decency. You are very brave souls, kudos to all of you.

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-Chuckles- You say that like I don’t butcher the English language @artsies. Smut is more about expression and fun for me, I’m not good at being too serious.

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