French writer need an english beta reader :P

Hi :smiley: ,

As said in the title, I am French and would like to propose a one shot for Iruka week ( 12 March ). I’m going to work on its translation into English and I would like to know if anyone would agree to read it and correct any spelling mistakes, and check that the sentences make sense.
It won’t be, long. Around 1600 words.

Eventually, someone who could also correct other of my little stories, step vu step, that I plan to translate as well. Some are kakairu and some are not pairings.

I’ll be really grateful, I can draw something in exchange. Well, try it. I’m not an expert, but it’s the least I can do :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t use the wrong forum category!

Cheers !

Yep, uncategorised is fine! I have just shared your request on our socials, so hopefully someone will message you soon!

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I’d be happy to beta read! I mostly lurk here, but I’m happy to read over anything as long as it’s not too explicit. I don’t know how you want to communicate but uh! Whatever you’d like :smiley:


@kakairu-shrine oh thank you for sharing this topic for me :slight_smile:

@gigi it s note explicit. No worry about that. Maybe we can speak in private to exanges ou emails or something ? Thanks a lot !! :heart_eyes:

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