Fic Rec Month: Summer Edition

Welcome to the Fic Rec Month: Summer Edition!

It’s that hot. hot time of the year again (for some of us, at least), bringing with it the inviting sparkle of pools, the creamy deliciousness of ice cream, and some cherished traditions wherever you are. Whether the boys are enjoying or escaping the heat, or perhaps even sharing some firework sparks of their own, summer is an important season for all.

We’ll be accepting fic recs for this theme from today onwards! Here’s a template for you to follow, if you’re not in a hurry:


If you want to shout out to everyone why you love the fic, go right ahead! And if you want to recommend your own fanfic, go right ahead too! Feel free to DM either mod if you’re unsure whether the fic you want to nominate fits the bill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

-mods @rikacain and @artsies

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Title: Coco Frío
Author: ladyxdaydream
Rating: Explicit

Summary: Iruka had been looking forward to this moment for a long time—the first time Naruto saw the sea.

Or, alternatively, a kakairu family vacation!


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Title: Summer Storm
Author: Hexadecimalrebooted
Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Iruka has a visitor who only seems to appear when it rains.


Title: Every Night That Summer Just To Seal My Fate
Author: kycantina
Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Five freaks, one highway, Kakashi thinks as they load up the car. Young and stupid, if they can make it out of his driveway without the car falling apart it would be a miracle.



Thanks for the recs @MagnusTesla! I don’t think i’ve ever read Coco Frio before, or the fic by kycantina - it was a real enjoyable read!

Also I too had my eye on recommending @Hex 's Summer Storm - but you beat me to it, hah! :grin: Only serves to show how good it is.

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I’ve got some recs of my own! Here they are:

Title: Catching Fish in Summer
Author: fascimility
Rating: Fiction K+

Summary: Summer festival is a time of remembering. Kakashi attempts to catch fish, Iruka catches fish, but both find they have caught something else altogether.


Title: Excuse me
Author: Berocca
Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Someone’s seriously hot.


Title: Private Beach
Author: Kiterie
Rating: Mature

Summary: Kakashi and Iruka have plans for the beach with team 7, but Kakashi has plans of his own to make things ‘more interesting’.



Just wanted to add some last recs before we head onto our next fic rec month theme! Divided the fics into some summer archetypes for funsies tbh


The Sand, the Sea, and the Sunburns by Jade_Dragoness ao3
Even for ninja a going to the beach involved work… mostly.

Sea Dance by deepestbluest ao3
Iruka is Naruto’s dad even if he doesn’t have the papers to prove it, Kakashi would like a kiss, and Naruto has a squirt gun.

Summer Storms

Thunder and Sun by gaymuraki LJ
During a summer day, Kakashi reflects about himself and Iruka.

Burn, Don’t Freeze by malifique LJ
Summer storms. Confessions. Sex in a bath tub.


A Private Celebration by Aviss ao3
It was more than just a festival. It was a celebration and a declaration all at once. Konoha was telling the world they were at peace, and they were unafraid.

i’m too hot (hot damn)

Summer fun by radkoko ffnet
A set of 10 drabbles based on summer prompts. A summer picnic and some thunderstorms are the best way to enjoy the hot days of the summer months.

i’m too hot (hot damn) [the explicit remix]

Endless Summer Indulgence by Guardian of Jupiter ao3
It’s a season of languor. Everything moves slowly, savoring the idleness that only summer can bring. And the summer is just starting and I want to indulge myself with you all summer.

Summer Night by life.rhapsody ffnet
Kakashi finds Iruka sleeping during a summer night…

anddd a +1 bonus art to round this off!

Again, if you have any recs that fit the bill, they’re always welcome though the month has passed! See you in the next fic rec month post! :grin: