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:heart: Artwork also done by me :heart:

With Naruto away training life for Umino Iruka had gotten quiet, but that quiet had been broken up periodically by the kindness of Hatake Kakashi, who discreetly delivered him letters from their mutual student whenever he got the chance. Which was great, amazingly thoughtful even, but the problem lay within the fact that it made Iruka’s heart starved for more. For Kakashi. And so he kept a polite distance, didn’t let on to feelings he had no right to have for someone as incredible as Hatake Kakashi. But the universe had a way of setting things right, of pushing people like Iruka, who deserved more than they gave themselves credit for.

Enter Senju Tsunade, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure, and resident overly-stressed medical professional who could not take another second of Kakashi being a reckless idiot. She assigns the most caring man she knows to care for the most infuriating man, official mission scroll and everything, and calls it a day. And while Iruka takes the assignment (though whether it was willingly is up for debate) he can’t help but wonder if he can survive a week in the company of the man his heart hungers for.

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Flails from the pure fluff

Omg that was so adorable.

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:blush: I’m so happy you liked it :heavy_heart_exclamation: