Fanfic: Show Me Your Teeth

Me and the lovely Microrockets did a collab for a friend’s birthday! I wrote the fic, she did the art! :two_hearts: I love how it turned out! Art is in the AO3 fic itself.

Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Author & Artist: MagnusTesla & Microrockets
Rating: General
Word Count: 808

Summary: Kakashi has seen many creatures over the centuries, but none quite as fascinating (or lovely) as his werewolf boyfriend, Iruka.

AKA: Kakashi is a Victorian era vampire scientist who can’t help but rope Iruka into his cryptid studies.

“Accelerated healing, too,” Kakashi comments as he cups Iruka’s face in his hands, smearing the droplet of blood away with his thumb and noting just how quickly the wound heals over. “Almost instantaneous. How remarkable.”

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