Fanart : Iruka cosplay Kakashi

Hi :smiley:

Another fanart !

Hm, I apologize. I cheated. I used a 3D Drawing Figure on Clip Studio Paint for hands and foots xD
But the rest is mine :smiley:

I feel like Iruka looks like a monkey on this drawingxD


I think Kakashi will be happy to go get the second bell. :’)

I drew Kakashi in the same way. I’ll post it tomorrow… maybe ?


Wow, this is fantastic! C’est magnifique! Iruka looks amazing :heart_eyes: I especially like the shading on his skin!

And you say you have Kakashi like that? :eyes: :heart_eyes:

Also, as a mod, I’d like to tell you that this is okay to share in the Fanworks category; but just in case you didn’t know, we do have a space for adults, too, which is where we’d like people to put NSFW and dark things (just in case you’d like for Kakashi & Iruka to remove more clothes later :wink:). Here are our posting guidelines, which will also tell you how you can be part of the adult group!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful art!


I deleted my answer because I answered in the wrong topic xD

Interesting, I’ll take a look. :eyes::eyes:

Yes, I have Kakashi. I’ll post it before going to sleep (it’s 05:00am in my country and I wake up at 10am, help)


That’s fine! I look forward to seeing Kakashi :eyes:
Also, what are you doing up so late?! Go and get some sleep! XD

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Very sensual, fantastic indeed! Especially the little bell…I did a doubletake when I noticed it :grin: I love small details. They always make the difference!!

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This is gorgeous and now I want a fanfic to accompany this :joy::joy::joy:

You’re definitely right Kakashi would definitely love to get the second bell. But since iruka is cosplaying Kakashi he has to make a it a least a little bit difficult! :joy:

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OMG SWEEETY!!! I love it!! Kakashi would too :partying_face: As always your colour palette and shading is just wonderfully skilled. CSP drawing figures are the best~ I use them for reference all the time!

Can’t wait to see the Kakashi one too :flushed: And like kakairu-shrine said, wouldn’t them getting rid of the clothes too either hahahaha

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Omg thank you all!!
It’s an old drawing. Well, to me it’s old x)

@oneinist the kakashi one is already somewhere in the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

whaaaat, goes on a search!