Announcements & KakaIru Events Issue 1, Jan 2021

I’ve decided to start including the forum’s What’s Happening posts here as well as our social media, to make it easier to find all the important dates you need to know!


First off, we would like to wish everyone a happy new year! We hope you are, and have been enjoying your holidays, however that may be!

We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us, with all kinds of events and activities taking place - some you already know about, some that are still being planned; and we can’t wait to see you share your ideas, create, and most importantly, help keep KakaIru alive!

We will be looking for mods soon, too, for a variety of different fun things, so please keep an eye out for the post if you’re interested in getting involved!


Please keep in mind that the following KakaIru events are only ones that we are running, or that our members have shared with us.

If you know of one that we haven’t shared, you can add it to our Events Calendar or What’s Happening category, and we will promote them in our next update!

Forum Events:

  1. KakaIru Valentine’s Week 2021! There’s about one month until posting begins! If you have any questions, please speak to me, as I’m running the event!

Member Events:

  1. KakaIru Big Bang 2021! Artist and writer sign ups have now closed. You can still sign up as a pinch hitter or beta reader until July!

  2. Iruka Week 2021! Come and see the prompts if you haven’t already!

  3. If you are a @the-umino-hours​ discord member, just a reminder that the Iruka Winter Bingo ends on 31st Jan!

  4. KakaIru Zine: Intertwined! @kkirzine​ is currently doing a leftovers sale. You have until 31st Jan to grab a copy if you haven’t already!

You can share all these amazing events on Tumblr!

If you have any questions about what’s happening, don’t hesitate to ask!

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