Anko and Iruka ♥

Okay so this pairing is really crackish because they’ve met like 3 times in the entire series (in Boruto, they’re currently working togheter in the Academy since Anko is now a teacher and Iruka is the headmaster, but they don’t have a lot of interactions). They’re both georgeous and their personalities are so different! Both are mischevous little shits, but Anko is loud and wild while Iruka is shy and gentle but he still has a temper that can tame her~

My HC for them is that they were in the same genin team (Iruka, Anko, Mizuki and Orochimaru), and they’ve always been friends, causing trouble togheter and exploring their sexualities with each other while growing up.

Sadly, there are no doujinshi for this duo but there are some really good fanarts on Deviantart! Links below~

AnkoIru Art ♥

And luckily there are fanfics too~ Most of them are PWP and short, but they’re really good :ok_hand:

AnkoIru Fanfics ♥

Payback” by penny // bloodplay, nsfw // This one is perfect, their personalities, their chemistry is just --italian cheff kisses-- and probably my favorite of them. They’re both horny idiots!

The Snake & Dolphin’s After Party, by greentea815 // nsfw // They go to bed after Naruto’s wedding~

Ouroboros”, by spycaptain // nsfw // Short & hot :heart:

Misunderstood”, by MidnightMarchioness // hurt/comfort, dialogue heavy // Anko confides in Iruka her troubles and Iruka is an absolute sweetheart about it!

I’ve only made 2 fanarts of them, and both are messy sketches :’( I can’t find the old one, but I made this one today! One day I’m gonna finish it lmao.

Quick AnkoIru sketch by me~


I love your art! It’s really cute, even though I personally don’t really like Anko/Iruka. I love Anko&Iruka though, for exactly the dynamic you listed. :grinning:

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