About the Forum Missions category

We have decided to host a Seasonal Raffle every three months, and a bigger End of Year Raffle at the end of each year for our wonderful members! But there is a catch. To get entry into any of the raffles, you need to complete Forum Missions :eyes:

forum missions example

How It Works:

  1. Sign up for a 3x3 Mission card
  2. Do the assigned tasks (Like a post, vote on something, share a fic rec, etc.)
  3. When you get a line, contact a mod to go into the current Seasonal Raffle

Optional: Complete a full card & contact a mod to get entry into the End of Year Raffle. If you don’t get any full cards within the year, you will need to get a line on three different cards in the same year to qualify.

Seasonal Raffle prize = 500 word ficlet
End of Year Raffle prize = 1.5+k word fic


  • One card per person for each Seasonal Raffle. There will be four in total.
  • Even if a single task can cover more than one square, you can only cross off one square
  • You can only use the card you were given for the current season to complete missions - no old cards allowed!
  • For entry into the End of Year Raffle, only progress from the current year will count

Ranks & Leaderboard:

Even if you get a full card early in the year, continue to sign up for & do Forum Missions, because you will have the opportunity to earn a Rank badge based on how much you accomplish; and we will be sharing an opt-in leaderboard at the end of year so you can challenge your friends!

Requirements for each rank:


  • D Rank: a line on 3 cards, 1 missed card
  • C Rank: a line on 4 cards
  • B Rank: a line on 2 cards, 2 full cards
  • A Rank: a line on 1 card, 3 full cards
  • S Rank: 4 full cards

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!