100 Works Celebration Fic!

Hey guys! I just had my 3rd year creator anniversary, and when I was preparing the post for that, I saw that I nearly have ONE HUNDRED works on ao3! :amazingbomb: I want to do something to celebrate, so I thought I would do something fun, and make a fic based on what other people decide!

How it works:

I made a form that has all kinds of questions about the different aspects of fics (length, tropes, characters, etc.); and I’d like you guys to answer them & tell me what kind of fic you want me to write!

At the end of the polling period, the answers that have the most popular answers for each question is what I’ll use to make the fic!

I’m going to reach 100 works on ao3 this month, so the form will be open until the end of June! You can have your say here!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what I’ll be writing about!


I’m at 99 works on ao3, and am expecting to reach 100 later this week! In the meantime, I thought I’d share the results so far of the fic I’m supposed to write!

The majority of people have voted for it to be:

A funny NSFW oneshot with soulmates & BAMF Iruka; and most want to see the ninken in it (with Team 7, Tenzou, and both Kakashi & Iruka’s friends all a close second)!

I know that things can change any time, but if this is the fic I’m going to be writing, let me tell you that I already have ideas!

I can’t wait to see the outcome at the end of this!

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The form is closed now, and I’m excited to share the final results!

For most of the questions, even the short answer responses, there were multiple answers that were equally as popular! And I decided that rather than choose one of the top options for each question, since they were all number one, I thought I’d challenge myself and include them ALL!!!

And as a result, this is what the majority of people voted for, and what I need to include in my fic:

  • Overall: NSFW chapter fic

  • Mood/Feels: Funny, fluffy, and angsty

  • Tropes & Themes: Getting together, friends to lovers, soulmates, seals master Iruka, BAMF Iruka, BAMF Kakashi

  • Characters: Ninken, Kakashi & Iruka’s friends, Team 7

It is going to be insane; but I actually already have a plot in mind, and have been thoroughly planning it for the past couple of days! I am also excited to say that it fits perfectly for one of my maze challenge prompts, so I’ll probably be able to include the fic for the event, too!

I will share more when I get writing… :eyes: I hope you guys end up liking the final creation! :lovebomb:

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